Unified data services that run across edge, core, and cloud platforms

We help companies of all sizes manage and protect business-critical data。

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Industry recognition

"金博宝 Magic Quadrant Leader 2021"。

Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solution Leader 16 times。

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Industry-leading enterprise-level solutions

Over the past 30 years, Veritas has helped corporate clients navigate every disruptive technological change。Our integrated data management and protection solutions have proven to be cost-effective with unmatched versatility and superior performance。

Blackmail software

Multi-level defense policies are used to eliminate the impact of attacks and enhance service resilience。

Cloud solutions

Optimize data and applications for interrupt-free availability and extend protection to all cloud platforms。


Use professional functions to simplify data governance and streamline regulatory compliance processes。

Experience the power of Veritas multi-cloud data services


The data source


The target


The operating system


Eighty-seven percent of fortune 500 companies trust Veritas。

We help our customers solve their biggest problems。